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Who We Are?

The fund is the go-between between the giver who does not know whom he's giving to, and the recipient, who knows not whom he's getting from. This is the highest form of charity.


The enterprise is in existence over 59 years, and keeps growing and spreading. It started out with the founder collecting on the block where he lived, and now has become a world-wide network receiving contributions from Jewish communities throughout the world. It began by giving to a few poor families whom the founder knew personally, and now distributes grants semiannually (before the holidays) to over 1950 families throughout the Land of Israel.

We try in particular to seek out the poor families who hide their need, who are embarrassed or don't know how to request help, and to the casual observer, look just like everyone else. These are often respected members of the community, who don't feel comfortable asking for aid.


No one is helped just because he got help last time. Each time, the families' situation is evaluated anew and the amount given is determined according to the need.


Your money is 100% tzedakah. The executive staff works entirely on a voluntary basis. None of the fund-raisers gets any remuneration for their work, except the satisfaction and simcha of having done such a great Mitzva. The organization's expenses are minimal. The only expenses are office expenses, printing, etc.

Everything is done discreetly. Most of the recipients don't even know who submitted their name to the organization.We send anonymous private checks, with no name or organization printed on them. Even at the bank, the bearer will not be embarrassed if someone sees the check. Our messengers knock on the door, deliver the envelope, and disappear. We've heard of cases where the family thought that it was their Ushpizin.


We have representatives in Jewish communities throughout the world who co-ordinate fund-raising drives in their area. The enterprise is built on many contributions from people in diverse communities in various countries – everyone helping everyone – and the fact that His children help one another surely brings the Ribbono Shel Olom much Nachat.

Families that thought that they wouldn't be able to buy their children shoes or dresses for the holiday, with our help are now able to. Families that thought that they would have to scrimp so much that they wouldn't have the minimal necessities for yom tov now have enough to buy what they need – how much joy and relief have we brought such families!


Be a partner in helping these families, and experience the inner happiness and satisfaction that comes with making others happy!


100% of your donation goes directly to families in need

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